While September represents the first glimmerings of autumn, there’s still plenty of warmth to be found in the world. And plenty of time to take a big, adventurous trip.

We’ve hand-picked the ideas below to get your mind racing about where to travel in September. As ever, our luxury travel experts are on hand to give you detailed guidance and expert suggestions in choosing your trip.


Where to visit in September


The crowds of the summer have died away and you have the expanse of Canada’s national parks all to yourself. Majestic. A great option for those seeking landscape, wilderness, and dramatic horizons.


Later-season Greece is a great time for couples, with families back at school and summer stretching languidly on. The islands are quietening down yet the days remain warm, the waters welcoming. Experience island life without the masses.


September sees the thunderous crescendo of the Great Migration play out on the plains of the Kenyan Maasai Mara. As a great first-time safari destination, Kenya manages to be both accessible and dramatic. We can even pair it with downtime on the beach.


Come September, life in Portugal is still warm and inviting. We think you’ll prefer the tantalising trio of Lisbon, Porto and the Douro Valley, or the combined flair of Alentejo and the seaside sights of Comporta. Warm, easy-going, historic.


For a real change of scenery this September, we’ll take you in the far side of the world on a journey through the miraculously diverse landscapes of Australia’s Northern Territory – home of the outback. At its heart? The dramatic massif of Uluru.


We want to introduce you to of one of the world’s most biodiverse and conservation-minded areas – and one of our picks for Where to Go in 2023. Madagascar is also perfectly suited to family travel as there are no age restrictions or dangerous wildlife. Naturally, we can’t stay away.


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