With July, summer begins its meteoric rise. Temperatures and moods are up. Plans are being made and set. These trips are wholesome, adventurous, and quite special in their scope.

We’ve hand-picked the ideas below to get your mind racing about where to travel in July. As ever, our luxury travel experts are on hand to give you detailed guidance and expert suggestions in choosing your trip.


Where to visit in July


July marks the very heart of the Great Migration. And its set piece? The mighty Mara River crossing. The weather is beautiful and the beautiful expanse of the Serengeti is bursting with life. We recommend booking early to secure the best lodges by the river. Adding on a Zanzibar beach escape ensures your trip will end on an unforgettable high-note.


Cut off from the rest of the world for some time, this is the perfect moment to welcome Indonesia (and its thousands of enchanting islands) back. Exotic, far-flung, and – come summer – beautifully warm and dry. We recommend an immersive triptych comprised of Bali, the Komodo Islands, and Sumba.


The heat may be building on the scorched shores of the Grecian archipelago, but a cooling plunge into the Aegean offers timeless remedy. Summer hums through the air with lazy lunches in local tavernas accompanied by island expeditions and ancient discoveries.


Sitting in the middle of Rwanda’s gorilla-trekking season, July (drier, brighter) is an unbelievable time to visit. Volcanoes National Park (dramatic, enchanting) is the place to be, but there’s also plenty of wildlife to experience in Akagera National Park (and time for culture, cuisine and coffee in vibrant Kigali).


This July, many of us are rightly excited to experience Canada’s spectacular summer season (when the National Parks are at their warmest and most beautiful). A great option for those seeking landscape, wilderness, and dramatic horizons.


We want to share two sides of Spain. The gastronomic, cultural extravaganza of the mainland, and the sumptuous relaxation of the Balearics. A private dinner at La Pedrera, private villas, exclusive yachts. It’s the best of both worlds.


Our hand-picked recommendations for where to stay and what to do

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