With the new year comes a new dawn. January is about kicking things off and setting the pace for the months to come. Dreams, possibilities, horizons. The whole world is at your disposal. And these luxury trips are ripe for the taking, meaning you can be on the beach (or the mountainside, or the jungle) in the blink of an eye. Now is the perfect moment to set the mood for the year ahead.

We’ve hand-picked the ideas below to get your mind racing about your options for where to travel in January. As ever, our luxury travel experts are on hand to give you detailed guidance and suggestions in choosing your trip.


Where to visit in January


A forever favourite of ours, The Maldives is perfect for some much-needed relaxation. From snorkelling alongside some of the world’s most vibrant reef life to sun-soaked evenings in your luxury over-water villa, January is the perfect time to make these ethereal islands yours.


The Northern Lights. Those swirling rivers of green are simply inspiring. And on clear January nights in Iceland, they’re all yours. But there’s still plenty to see and do by day. How does descending 400ft into the magma chamber of Thrihnúkagígur volcano sound?


Vibrant cities, jagged peaks, and breathtaking views. Argentina is an explorer’s dream. With experiences ranging from wine-tasting on salt flats to hikes through jaw-dropping valleys, the Patagonian Steppe will be yours. And with January bringing warm temperatures.


Ride the sand sheets of the Kalahari on horseback or share private moments with the Big Five in an exclusive reserve adjacent to Kruger National Park. South Africa is the perfect canvas for an exotic safari, and we know its secrets.


Ideal for a winter escape in the sun, Cambodia is Southeast Asia’s most enchanting gem. Traverse the deep jungles of Cardamom National Park or explore secret beaches few travellers ever experience. It’s impossible to resist.


For over 15 years, we have been perfecting the perfect Australian cocktail of experience. And January brings the summer weather to enjoy it. Blend your own wines under the expert guidance of a Chief Winemaker or walk alongside indigenous wildlife from Adelaide to Tasmania.


Our hand-picked recommendations for where to stay and what to do

Joali, The Maldives

Jumby Bay, Antigua

Chile & Argentina: A Patagonian Adventure

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