Christmas arrives with full, boisterous energy. Decked out and shining like a bell. You can escape it (and go to Thailand). Or you can embrace it (and go to Lapland). But wherever you chose to spend the winter, we’re here for you.

We’ve hand-picked the ideas below to get your mind racing about where to travel in November. As ever, our luxury travel experts are on hand to give you detailed guidance and expert suggestions in choosing your trip.


Where to visit in December


Almost cinematic in its beauty, Finnish Lapland and the territory of Rovaniemi is a natural contender for ‘most Christmas-like’ destination. Carpeted with snow, lit by the Northern Lights, spacious and cosy.


With the monsoon’s dissipation, the days give way to clear skies and bright sun. We recommend the south and the western Andaman coast, with Phuket, Phang Nga Bay, Krabi, Phi Phi and more. Up north, the culture of Chiang Mai still has its draw.


India is perfect for a cultural getaway this December. It pairs fantastically with the nearby islands of the Maldives too, making this an indulgent getaway, filled with some much longed-for colour.


Sri Lanka is sure to both mystify and inspire. This tear-drop-shaped, emerald island is the perfect marriage between a luxurious beach holiday and an immersive safari adventure. Spend your days at the family-friendly Wild Coast Tented Lodge at Yala National Park spotting leopards.


Guatemala does culture in the way that Costa Rica does nature – it’s also one of our picks for Where to Go in 2023. Lesser-known and largely untapped, there’s endless to keep you busy (and surprised). Mayan ruins at Uaxactun and Tikal and the glassy beauty of Lake Atitlan await.


A true festive escape. Dry, bright, warm days on the Cape and in the winelands. Camps and Bantry bay, Cape Town test kitchens, wine tastings and even some Sabi Sands safari.


Our hand-picked recommendations for where to stay and what to do

A magical winter escape in Finland

Elephants & Emerald Isles

Hotel Ranga, Iceland

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