Here comes the sun. And it’s a good moment to get away before the school holidays hit (and with them, sometimes higher rates and bigger crowds). It’ll feel like you have the whole world at your disposal.

We’ve hand-picked the ideas below to get your mind racing about where to travel in June. As ever, our luxury travel experts are on hand to give you detailed guidance and expert suggestions in choosing your trip.


Where to visit in June


Coinciding with Botswana’s dry season, June is the season for massive animal sightings and water-congregations. With the flooding of the Delta, it’s also ideally explored by pack-raft, adding a whole new perspective to a classic African safari.


We feel excited even writing this. A fulsome family destination with a huge emphasis on wildlife, nature and conservation. The cormorants of Fernandina, the dolphins of Isabela, and the cloud forests of the interior. And Galapagos? You won’t believe your eyes.


Packed with hugely diverse regions, this is a true Black Tomato favourite. Particularly come summer. June is perfect for couples and honeymooners, with a balmy climate, grown-up atmosphere and a largely unhurried air about it. We think Italy is at its best.


Peru in June is actually a very, very good time to visit. Clear, bright, dry. A perfect time to trek to Machu Picchu, sail Lake Titicaca, and delve into the Amazon. We’re flush with excellent local contacts in the country, ensuring your trip will be profound, exciting, and fun.


This June, we’re letting you in on one of India’s best-kept secrets. Forget waiting for the monsoon to abate in the south and instead journey north into the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh. The days are clear, the air crisp and the culture abundant.


A burst of summer sun amid vibrant culture. A jolt of Istanbul (to begin with), followed by a languorous journey through Turkey’s beaches, coves and islets. There’s even time for the surrealness of Cappadocia.


Our hand-picked recommendations for where to stay and what to do

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